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Whether it's to host a special celebration or simply to relax and enjoy a fantastic meal, Via Emilia offers the perfect place for an unforgettable experience.

Join us in celebrating 24 years of culinary excellence and create unforgettable memories at Via Emilia

For over 20 years, Via Emilia has been a premier destination for authentic and delectable Italian cuisine. Our commitment to serving freshly crafted dishes and providing a genuine Italian dining experience remains unwavering. Let us take you on a culinary journey to Italy as you indulge in our tantalizing flavors and signature dishes.

Via Emilia boasts an extensive and impressive wine collection, carefully curated by our dedicated wine staff. Our temperature-controlled wine cellar proudly houses our award-winning list of over 350 wines, with a staggering total of 3,000 bottles. Our attentive staff is always available to recommend the perfect wine pairing for your dining pleasure.

From cozy private booths to elegant dining areas, our restaurant offers a variety of seating options to suit any occasion. Immerse yourself in the inviting ambiance and feast your eyes on stunning decor as you anticipate the culinary journey that awaits you. We can't wait to welcome you and treat you to a memorable dining experience.

Via Emilia is part of the Orioli® Restaurant Group family of restaurants.


As a family-owned and operated restaurant group, we truly value the connection we make with the members of our community and its visitors. Food is much more than nourishment. It is a way we come together to connect and create memories. When we serve our guests, we are not only serving them a meal; we are sharing our family story through our cuisine.

CO-OWNER, Orioli® Restaurant Group

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